In the interest of public safety, and the safety of our staff due to COVID-19 restrictions, our office will be closed to the public until further notice. If you need to contact us, you can still call us and leave a message or feel free to send an email to info@libertytwp.us.

Permits and forms can be found and downloaded from this website page, and for those without internet access, requests can be submitted by mail to: Liberty Township, 101 W. Liberty Rd., Clarklake, MI 49234-9626. Payments can be made by utilizing our drop box out front, or by US mail. Please mail payments to the address listed above. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in these matters.

Liberty Township
Jackson County, Michigan

Liberty Township is located in the County of Jackson in Clarklake, Michigan, and is mainly a rural residential community mixed with farms and wildlife along with businesses that are scattered throughout the area.

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Liberty Township Board of Trustees Meetings
Held the second Tuesday of each month at 7 pm at the Liberty Township Fire Station, 1205 Lindsey Rd, Jackson, MI 49201.


Opportunity to Reduce Home Owners Insurance
Possible reduction of homeowner insurance rates. Please view this letter to learn more about this. (read more)

Board Meetings at the Fire Station
Beginning on Tuesday, June 9th, 2020, the Liberty Board of Trustees Meetings will once again be held at the Liberty Township Fire Station. (read more)

Recreational Marijuana Ordinance No. 29
Prohibition of Recreational Marijuana Establishments Ordinance - Effective: October 17, 2019 (read more)

Zoning Board of Appeals - December 1
Greg and Sharon Warblow are seeking a variance to reduce a 1 acre parcel (to be sold) to .88 acre to keep a portion of their driveway with their home parcel. Minimum acreage in AG-1 zoning is 3 acres. This parcel was grandfathered in when the zoning ordinance was changed. (read more)


Jan 14  Regular Board Meeting
Jan 20  Office Closed
Feb 11  Regular Board Meeting
Feb 17  Office Closed
Mar 19  Regular Board Meeting
Apr 14  VIRTUAL Board Meeting
May 4  Special Meeting, Board of Trustees
May 12  VIRTUAL Board Meeting
May 25  Office Closed
Jun 9  Regular Board Meeting
Jun 27  Spring Cleanup
Sep 8  Regular Board Meeting
Oct 12  Office Closed
Nov 5  Planning Commission Meeting CANCELED
Nov 5  Zoning Board of Appeals
Dec 1  Zoning Board of Appeals
Dec 31  Office Closed
Feb 9  Regular Board Meeting
Mar 9  Regular Board Meeting
Apr 13  Regular Board Meeting
May 11  Regular Board Meeting
Jun 8  Regular Board Meeting


Liberty Township Facts

  • The Township is split between 5 post office zip codes within Jackson County, MI.
  • There are 5 school districts and 3 intermediate school districts.
  • We have two lakes within our borders with public access - Round Lake and Crispell Lake.
    · A public boat launch for Pine Hill Lake is also in our Township.
  • Commercial activity is located along US-127 with isolated businesses scattered throughout the Township.
  • Location Coordinates: N 42 degrees 06.129’, W 084 degrees 24.149’, Elevation 990

Please Note: Liberty Landfill is not owned or operated by Liberty Township. Their phone number is (517) 787-1177.

Our History

Our Township was first settled in 1835. Those settlers came to a forested land abundant in wildlife and inhabited by Native Americans. The early pioneers overcame many obstacles while transforming this wilderness to an agricultural community. They cleared much of the forest in order to till the land and build log homes and barns. In March of 1837 the citizens met at the home of Solomon Skiff to organize the township. The name "Liberty" was unanimously adopted for this new community. The very next month, April 1837, the first election was held in Liberty with a total of 21 votes cast.

In the years that followed, Liberty Township grew in population and industry. By the dawn of the 20th Century, Liberty Township had its own post office, blacksmith shop, sawmill, flour mill, cheese factory, gristmill, tavern, ball park, ice house, coal yard, three churches, a general store, two campgrounds, a resort beach house and eight one-room schoolhouses. Even with all this progress, Liberty Township was still a tightly knit agricultural community where neighbors gathered for potluck dinners, cards or a Sunday ball game.

The 20th Century brought many changes to Liberty Township. The Township is now bordered on the east by U.S.-127, on the south by the Jackson/Hillsdale county line and Vicary Road (partially), on the west by Thorne Road (partially) and on the north by Kimmel Road (partially). We are now split between 5 post office zip codes, 5 school districts and 3 intermediate school districts. There are two lakes within our borders with public access, those being Round Lake and Crispell Lake. There is also a public boat launch for Pine Hill Lake in our township, although the majority of the lake is located in Hanover Township. Most of the commercial activity is concentrated along U.S.-127 with isolated businesses at the Liberty Mill Pond, in the Round/Pine Hill Lake area, and scattered throughout the Township. Liberty Township remains mainly a rural residential community mixed with farms and wildlife.

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