Liberty Township Cemeteries

Cemetery Sexton, Tyler Butters
(517) 617-1931

Rules & Regulations (PDF)

Liberty Township Cemetery

East /West Liberty

2210 Jefferson Road
Clarklake, MI


Liberty Township Cemetery

Laurel Hills

8519 S. Jackson Road
Cement City, MI


Liberty Township Cemetery


8501 Thorne Road
Horton, MI


Liberty Township Cemetery

Sutfin (Patch)

12566 Patch Road
Jerome, MI


Cemetery Hours

The Cemetery shall be open to the general public from dawn to dusk each day.

No person shall be permitted in the township cemeteries at anytime other than the foregoing hours.

Exception is upon permission of the township board or the sexton of the cemetery.

Seasonal Clean-Up

Winter flower, plant and flag removal begins April 1st.

Summer flower, plant and flag removal begins October 1st.

Liberty Township Cemetery Rates

Cost of Burials


Weekdays (Monday-Friday)

With or without grave side service (if set a time and date)

Weekends and Holidays

Grave Openings

Weekdays (Monday-Friday)

Adult, Child or Infant

Weekends and Holidays


The cost is 50¢ per square inch of foundation (min. of $60), with a minimum of 2-inch border required around the marker.

These prices will be charged up front at the time a marker is purchased. All markers will be placed at the head of the grave. One (1) upright marker and two (2) flat markers allowed per space.

All burials shall be within a standard concrete vault installed or constructed in each burial space before interment.

Liberty Township Cemeteries

Rates for Grave Lots

Please Note

A single grave is only in a designated area.

Resident must provide property tax ID number.

# of Graves Resident Non-Resident
Single Grave $125 $500
2 Graves $200 $800
4 Graves $375 $1,500
6 Graves $500 $2,000

Cemetery Map for Liberty Township

Officials for Liberty Township

Meet our office staff and trustees.